About Instant Kosher

Instant Kosher is not a company that takes online orders and shop at local grocery stores at current market prices. Instant Kosher have their own distribution center and all food comes directly from Instant Kosher. By using Instant Kosher, people can save tons of money. they have done extensive market research and can tell people that saving will be like never before. If people bought a bag of Bamba for $1.49 than Instant Kosher will sell it for less than $1. If people bought Kosher Beef at $7.99 a Pound then people need to pay less than $4.99 a pound. Save more than $75 on an average order of $300!!!

Solution We Provided

Instant Kosher hired OpenSource Technologies for Mobile app design and development.

App Design

We designed the Mobile app as per client requirement. Instant Kosher target every age group people. So we pick the color combination very carefully. We did the close study of all popular app in the same segment and based on client requirement, we proposed design to client.

App Development

We developed the Instant Kosher Mobile app for Android and iPhone with below mentioned feature. At the time of development, we put some quick functionality button in app which makes the process easy for end user like “Quick add and remove button” etc.

App Features

  • 1

    User login, social login and logout functionality

  • 2

    At the time of sign-up pick the address from Google map

  • 3

    N number of category with subcategory

  • 4

    Product detail page

  • 5

    Product filtration based on price

  • 6

    Product sorting in alphabetical order (A to Z and Z to A), lowest price and highest price

  • 7

    One page checkout functionality

  • 8

    Advance search

  • 9

    Setting Menu and other menu with toggle feature

  • 10

    Able to check all orders from setting menu

  • 11

    Update and Modify the profile information


Powered Features


Quick add and Remove product quantity at the time of Product selection


Cart button on all category page for easy shopping


Implement Multiple Payment Solutions


Pick address from Google app at the time of sign-up or change address.




Pick address from Google Map:- In-case of change address and add new address, user don’t need to type the full address. Full address can be picked from Google map instead of writing.



Implement Stripe payment gateway:- As per our analysis, Stripe payment gateway work only with website So to integrate with app, we did customization in code



Time Based Delivery:- After selecting the product at the time of checkout, user can choose the time for delivery as per his/her priority.



Instagram Sign-up:- Mostly app contains normal signup or FB sign-up process. For Instant kosher, we implement the Instagram sign-up functionality

Final OutCome

With a clear process and powerful strategy, development process finished in a timely manner and full functional mobile app with 90 day free bug support delivered to client in form of InstantKosher app