Our Client’s Feedback

"I’m very satisfied with the work as I got daily updates in email/skype and the work was always done in time, no delays. Whatever issue I had the team fixed it very quickly. Only can recommend the service!"
"I am very pleased with the website redesign/upgrade they did for my retail store. They were very attentive to my desires and wishes and produced a very professional product. The speed and functionality of the new website is MUCH better than the old one. THANK YOU!"
David Jackson
The design and final product was perfect, I couldn’t be happier. These guys we’re great and made the process of creating our store websites super easy. All you have to do is tell them what you want it to look like and do, and they get it done. There is also a very nice back and forth conversation that makes it easy to get the website the way you want it, even for the pickiest of people. I would recommend this to anyone.
I will be glad to provide a feedback for OST company development services. Basically I am more than happy to do anything to help OST company considering the great work you are doing on my website.
Ernest Daniels
“ I have absolute trust in this company's very high level of expertise and they will be my first port of call as soon as I get another project under way. Our dealings have been very professional as well as helpful and friendly. I recommend them with total confidence. Well done. ”
Eric Billoud
Manish and his team helped me to get my JReviews installation going by creating a directory and categories tree with several custom fields and even dummy listings etc, so I could see how the front and backend looked and then take it from there with a better understanding of the platform. Communication was professional and everything I required was delivered in a timely manner and for reasonable fees. Recommended!
We are Used Manish and his Team for an Integration of EasySocial-Events in JReviews. We are excited by the work that Manish and his team have done, everything works exactly as we imagined it. We would love to come back to you, for some more customization if we needed.
Ralf Riebe
I LOVE the team at OST! As a small business owner, be careful what you wish for, as success brings it's own set of challenges. Because I used to do Joomla web development for myself and other small businesses for many years, I know what's what and I have  high standards on the user experience as well as the backend. Finding reliable and affordable partners for outsourcing in order to better leverage your time, is a challenge. I've had several misfires before I found OST.OST has stuck with me over time and I haven't been an easy client. Manish's patience and guidance has helped me stay on course and offers alternatives that help keep me on track for my objectives. Their technical expertise is great. They've done a lot of work on jReviews and other sophisticated components for me as well as always finding and fixing any technical glitches that I struggle with. Great partners! GuineaPigFinder
Teresa Murphy
Creating a professional website is best left to the professionals and that’s plural for a purpose. There are so many different aspects, that you need a team that collaborates and works well together. After a lot of research, I was fortunate to find the right one: Open Source Technologies.It has been my pleasure to work with them. We needed to do a major Joomla upgrade on our website and on-line store as well as making it responsive to today’s various media devices. That meant that our plugins and extensions had to be upgraded also. I asked Open Source to review our site and give us a quote. They listed what they would do, gave us a very reasonable price and I told them to go ahead.They worked well with us throughout the process, listened to what we wanted, made changes accordingly--quickly and painlessly, all via email. “Put it in writing,” was good advice given to me a while ago. “Writing prevents alibis.” We made some changes on our end but there were no surprises in the cost.The transition from the “sandbox” to live online was seamless and we had no down time. Everyone is perfectly pleased with the finished product and I am currently asking Open Source to upgrade our school website. Out of five stars, I enthusiastically give them all five. SaintBenedict
Br. Thomas
I just used Manish for a project I'm working on. The communication was fluid, and his team worked fast. Two thumbs up, and I will be reaching out to him once I needmore work. I'm currently using JReviews with wordpress, and Manish was able to help me integrate jReviews with my Themeforest theme.
"Would hire again.”
“Great response time and fixed a problem that we had trouble in solving. Would highly recommend and definitely will be using their services again. ”
“Open Source Technologies performed very well on this project. We have used this team for years and intend to use them on into the future. ”
“ I have absolute trust in this company's very high level of expertise and they will be my first port of call as soon as I get another project under way. Our dealings have been very professional as well as helpful and friendly. I recommend them with total confidence. Well done. ”Eric - LuxuryRealEstate
Highly professional organization. Excellent customer service and response time. I will recommend Opensource Tech for their website design and development. Thanks for all your help rebranding our site. Matchps
Jasmeet “Vikas” Kanwar
OpenSource Technologies transitioned my blog site from a stock wordpress theme to a new professional theme. They worked quickly and professionally and have a strong understanding of the technology. Their attention to detail could improve which would help shorten test cycles.Geoffrey
I will exclusively use these guys for all my projects - they are that good! Terri
Fantastic work! I was initially skeptical that the work would be completed properly, but my fears were completely unfounded. I would highly recommend this elancer for future projects!
Philip Issa
I am Raz from Canada Printing Centre Inc. I have worked with OpenSource Technologies for couple of projects and all I can say about them is that they are fast and professional. They answered to my emails and request in the shortest time possible ( even if they are not locals ) and after they understood all the requirements of the project they delivered the final product in a very short time. Each project is managed by a very knowledgeable person that is working with you until you are satisfied and all the requirements are met. They are also coming to you with suggestions that will help you and improve your project even more. I recommend them with a lot of trust and confidence and for sure they will by the company of my choice for any web related project that I will have.
“Open Source Technologies was professional and a great team to work with. We initially were stuck with a different website company before who did a terrible job. Good thing we were able to find Open Source Technologies who helped us pick up the pieces and develop our website to completion. Would highly recommend them for any website or online tech needs.”
Jessa Mangali
Vijay and his team have done excellent work on my recent Wordpress customizations.  He understood what we needed and implemented it very quickly.  He even helped out in an urgent situation correcting a huge error the client made while reviewing the backend of the site and we were able to continue the project with no delay.I would recommend Vijay and his team for any Wordpress project.  I certainly intend to use them again in the near future.
Terri L. Long
I just wanted to mention that Open Source Technologies successfully completed a JReviews customization for me. I note that they did a great job with the initial specifications and determined with high accuracy what our needs were. Having good initial specifications then made everything easy and the results were as planned. Eduardo Gutierrez
Eduardo Gutierrez
OpenSource did this project for me and I couldn't be happier with their work.  On-schedule and great rates.  Thanks Manish! Philip Westover
Philip Westover
OST is a great Developer-Team. Our contacts Vijay and Vivek are very trustworthy and all customer requests are handled professionally. We are very glad that we found this Team. So we had a fixed point of contact and every step of the Project was well-ordered and documented. Every question of us was well answered and we are very happy with the result of development. For projects in future we will contact OST first. Eric
I had hoped to send this email sooner, but things have been very busy for me. This is the first opportunity I have had to be able to sit down and actually send a review based on the work the OST team completed for me.I had originally approached Sanjay about helping me complete a simple task on my website http://ednak.org. Sanjay’s response was quick and encouraging. He said that of course OST could help and he would set up with a competent project manager for my task. He introduced me to Shailesh. To state I have been pleased with my communication with Shailesh would be an understatement. I have been more than pleased with our communication. Shailesh has provided consistent and quality work related to my projects and I have always felt in the loop for the direction and status of the project.After the initial work had been completed, Shailesh sent me a list of suggestions for me to consider to make my site even better. I considered the suggestions and felt inspired to do a mock-up of some custom work for the site. Shailesh said this custom work could be completed by OST and we arranged for a project plan. The plan was to have the custom work completed within 3-4 weeks. Shailesh introduced me to a new member to the project, Ravi and said Ravi would be doing most of the custom work on the project.I was completely amazed and satisfied when Ravi and Shailesh delivered the custom work ahead of schedule. The quality of Ravi’s work was outstanding. Any bugs or issues with the programming have been fixed promptly and Shailesh really has gone out of his way to stay in communication with me on the status of the project.The project is now complete and I am very satisfied with the work. I have already told other people that are considering custom application work that they need to consider OST as a solution and I plan to continue to work with OST as I have future application development needs.Thank you Ravi and Thank you Shailesh for the outstanding and quality work you have done for my site. I greatly appreciate it.Ednak