Victoria (Well Now Magazine)

Hello, my name is Victoria Henley. I am the founder and editorial director of ‘wellnowmagazine’. Well, located in Silver Spring, Maryland- a suburb of Washington DC in United States of America. And I just want to give a real life testimonial of how Opensourcetechnologies has done wonders for my business. I can show right here, we have done pressing, publications since 2009. we are very proud of them. we have targeted towards women with children under the age of 12 and Open source has done wonders in terms of getting my website, working correctly doing SEO, particular activities in order to get my website address well known to others. They have been able to fix corrections from the original design and give me many suggestions on how to create a better product for the masses that we want to subscribe to Wellnow Magazine. so we are very excited. I work with them since about 2009 and every time I have had work to do, they have done it very well and I love working with them. And they are very responsive. And I trust them with everything. So wellnow Magazine located in Maryland Suburb, Washington DC.