About Sales order is an Inventory and Order Management Software for Distributors, Wholesalers and E-Commerce. Salesorder helps in managing sales & customers, processing orders, managing multi-currency accounting, inventory & Vendors and multiple marketplaces and ecommerce integrations.


Solution We Provided

Salesorder application is built using JAVA, and we at OpenSource Technologies take care of complete development of the application, from regular maintenance to new enhancements.

  • 1

    We provide maintenance and technical support for the application developed using JAVA/J2EE technologies using its own generic framework written using JAVA, J2EE, XML, XSLT and JAVA Reflection.

  • 2

    Issue resolutions in the existing code.

  • 3

    Take care of new enhancements

  • 4

    Develop new plugins using Javascript

  • 5

    Develop new reports using iReport

  • 6

    Develop integrations with different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc.

  • 7

    Develop integrations with different shopping carts like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, BigCommerce etc.




Understanding of existing generic framework and develop the pieces into it.


Understanding of different programming languages(.net, JAVA, PhP, JavaScript etc.) and integration of each other to run the complete application.


Quick turnarounds and switching between the tasks as per the  priorities of the customer.


Processing of heavy records set in quick time on DB (MySql) and on JAVA end.

Salesorder Comment For OST

OpenSource Technologies was the only agency we found that could demonstrate a real track record of execution with the product that we were looking at. They’re very much part of our team now and have settled in very nicely…

A Finished Product