Why Choose AWS Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services :- IT infrastructure service and business provide by Amazon is known as Amazon web services which work on the model of IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) Cloud. 

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Create MEME in JReviews

Picture tells more than 100 words in a look. It is best way of interactive representation and if Meme feature add with picture then it is wordless. One of our 

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Joomla Upgrade Common Mistakes

Most of the times, the client asks for upgrade or the companies purpose for Joomla upgrade if the site is hacked very often and/or is found to be infected with 

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Turn Idea into Reality

Every success starts only from an idea. If idea is implemented properly then it creates a success story. Mark Zuckerberg had an idea of Social site. He turned his idea 

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Don’t use IE: Government issues major warning over Internet Explorer bug and says hackers are ALREADY exploiting it.

Learn – How to create custom wordpress plug-in

WordPress provide a well structured CMS to develop a basic blog site. If we demand some extra functionality in our website, the wordpress plug-ins plays an important role to provide

Open Source Development Service

Creative and Effective Open Source Development Solutions: At OpenSource Technologies we excel in exhibit your business on the web. Eye catching visual, smooth navigation and user experience of website is 

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MyISAM is MySQL’s default table storage engine. It extends the base ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method) type with a number of additional optimizations and enhancements.

Flex height Boxes with CSS

Hey guys few days back, I have faced a problem in cases, the problem there was 3 variable height boxes in my design, but I want all of them to 

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Metro App Style WordPress Theme

OpenSource Technologies to Launch Windows8 Metro Apps inspired WordPress Theme: Since Microsoft has showcased the first version of Windows Phone with Metro UI, it has got extreme popularity. Number of 

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Joomla Metro UI Template

OpenSource Technologies to Launch Windows8 Metro Apps style Joomla Template Since Microsoft has showcased the first version of Windows Phone with Metro UI, Number of application are following its trendy 

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Joomla 3.1 Beta Released

On 7th of March 2013, Joomla Community has announced the Joomla! CMS version 3.1 Beta1. Open Source Joomla software is available to download for community members. For Quality assurance concerns it 

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