OpenSource Technologies: We Deliver—Just Ask Our Clients!

From web design to the Internet of Things (IoT), OpenSource Technologies has been providing exceptional services to clients since 2009. Our developers, project managers and analysts have extensive experience that they bring to bear in their work with clients that run the gamut from financial services, to education, information, retail, non-profit and more. Those clients 

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This New Year Gift Your Beloved “Business Growth”

When we say “Happy and Prosperous New Year” then we wish for our beloved business growth. Let’s give them chance or opportunity to grow their business. Every business growth depends on their customer/client list. If customer/client list is big then definitely Business will be big. Main part is How we can make “Business Big“ OR 

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How to Make Cisco Webex Working in Ubuntu-64bit?

WebEx can help any small business, teleworker or home user conduct their business meetings more professionally and efficiently. It lets you have online meetings with anyone who has an Internet connection – including mobile users. You will be connected via audio and you can share content from your computer which lets you see the same 

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How The New Responsive Gantry 5 Framework Is Crucial For Advanced Version Of Joomla And WordPress?

Gantry 5 becomes the favorite free web design framework for Joomla developers to render a Rock quality designed website. The customized Gantry 5 theme helps Joomla developers manage & provide a best quality Web application service. Originally developed by Rocket theme, Gantry 5 facilitates a solid platform for the efficient, successful & time-saving development of an excellent web application 

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IONIC Common Development Challenges

IONIC is a most popular development framework for developing Hybrid Mobile Apps for android, IOS and windows phones. IONIC provides useful css components which help the developer to create user-friendly interface for mobile app. It also supports some in-built native effect like touch effect, smooth scrolling and sliding effect etc.. For more advanced native effects, 

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TeaBus Booking Software

People enjoy the journey with cookies, light snacks and with a yummy sip of Coffee/Tea. As people enjoy on TeaBus, we thought why don’t we make the easy reservation process of TeaBus? Open Source Technologies (OST) has developed a software, by which users can book the Tea Bus journey online without any hassle and enjoy 

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Boost Your Business Leads Using Mobile Apps

These days, devices are being more smarter and smaller in size. If we say its a mobile era then it will not be wrong. Now people are operating their daily routine through Mobile devices. These days, apps are becoming quite popular. Whether it will be a bill payment, Shopping of Grocery, Jewelry, Entertainment, Study and 

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How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing?

Every business wants to promote their brand, build preference and increase sales by building up a solid customer base. Everyone knows that most parts of the business rely on marketing that to accomplish development, advertising the business is key component that needs to be implemented. Advertising methods include traditional marketing which is taking place since 

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3 Ways Social Video Marketing Can Lift Your Brand

Social Video Marketing is a piece of marketing communications to build user engagement around a given video through social media activities. Here with social video marketing campaign, either an individual or an organization can add their voice to a phrase of content. Nowadays video marketing which comes under Internet Marketing is no longer identical with YouTube 

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Review Plus – A JReviews app for Android and iPhone

As JReview/ Directory Listing website expert we understood the client need and tried to bundle all JReview/Directory Listing (like yelp) feature in app named ReviewsPlus. ReviewsPlus is designed for Android and IOS platform.  In  ReviewPlus app as expert we provide the Features:- 1. Search facility base on location or provide keywords. 2. Show all the 

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Content Management: 5 Amazing Ways To Use WordPress

The world of Internet is amazed to see the wonderful advantages WordPress has to offer. Nearly 90% of the websites are hosted on the platform and many more are in the pipeline. The interface offered by the content management tool is interactive and help thousands of businesses and independent bloggers every day in accomplishing their 

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Appear Domain name as listing title and in URL in JReviews

One of our client was interested to develop a website where user can see or give the rating to any website. Problem he faced: In Jreview there is not any feature or extension where listing title appear as domain name and in URL as well.

Create MEME in JReviews

Picture tells more than 100 words in a look. It is best way of interactive representation and if Meme feature add with picture then it is wordless. One of our client need Meme feature in their “Rating & Review “ website. As Opensource Technologies we understand the client requirement and with the help of our 

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What you need to know about Template customization?

To put it in a simple manner, templates can be explained as tools that are very important to launch a web store an easy task. With advancement of internet and online activities, web stores, web pages and websites are gaining importance and thus to fulfil the need of a quick method readymade templates were introduced 

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How To Hire PHP Programmer And For What Purposes?

PHP is currently the world’s most sought after language for script creation, available open source for general purposes. It works well with MySQL that is a popular open source database platform. In order to get an effective website, game or application developed at the quickest possible with minimal expenses, PHP is the most coveted language 

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What Should You Bear In Mind Before Opting To Hire A Joomla Development Company?

Joomla is one of the reliable and popular open source platform that is useful for developing myriad content management solutions – viz. RSS feeds, blog rolls, page caching, news flashes and such other useful features. This helps in developing interactive web domains, suitable to meet the available world demands.

List JReviews listing into multiple categories

Recently we worked on a JReview project and client have requirement of ‘List Jreviews listing into multiple categories’. As we all know the biggest limitations of Joomla’s category system is that it doesn’t allow you to add a single article/listing to more than one category. So this can’t be achieve by jReviews default features. So 

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How to optimize the Website speed in 15 Steps

We all know that speed is most important factors for the success of your website. you can do a lot to optimize it and archive great speed for your site. Here you will find the most essential actions you can take to speed up your website.

Joomla Upgrade Common Mistakes

Most of the times, the client asks for upgrade or the companies purpose for Joomla upgrade if the site is hacked very often and/or is found to be infected with malicious code. The most common mistake the developers make is to take the backup of current website and process the upgrade steps at the same. 

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Turn Idea into Reality

Every success starts only from an idea. If idea is implemented properly then it creates a success story. Mark Zuckerberg had an idea of Social site. He turned his idea in to reality which every one knows with the name of Facebook.

No more waiting! JReviews is now available for WordPress

JReviews is the WordPress Plugin for business directories, travel guides, classifieds, product catalogs and so much more. (Required PHP5.3.6+ with json, bcmath and mbstring extensions, ionCube loaders v4.4+) Hire WordPress developers to build custom JReviews WorPress Compatible website that also keep a strong importance on performance and SEO. Expert JReviews WorPress Developer uses hundreds of 

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Code Snippets Series #1 YouTube Player API

Hi here I am again with quick tips & tricks blog. This is the series #1 of my quick Code Snippets Series. In this series I’ll provide you source codes which make your coding life lot easier. Just copy and paste the codes to your file and enjoy. The YouTube Player API: The YouTube Player 

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How to track who has read your email?

Hi friends here I am with another quick trick of web development. Recently I was working on a News letter module for one of our client and there was a special requirement, client want records of his News letter per user basic. He wants statics which user has read news letter on which date so 

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Don’t use IE: Government issues major warning over Internet Explorer bug and says hackers are ALREADY exploiting it.

How to display modules anywhere in component in joomla

Sometimes we need to display a module between the content of our component, Joomla doesn’t provide the functionality to assign location in a component in template file. therefore we need to add some custom code to display a specific module at that position.

How to choose an E- commerce Website Development Company?

Now days E-commerce websites are growing day by day, any business would begin to feed out of market race or outdated if it does not own one E-commerce website. Almost all brands worldwide are switching to an online, either alongside their regular physical stores, or not. There are also many E-commerce startups become very popular 

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Learn How to Create Responsive Images

There are various ways to make images responsive. But let me describe my own way. How we use jQuery for the responsiveness of a website. The main thing we should consider while making Images responsive, that its size. We know that small devices have low bandwidth so we should use compressed images for these devices. 

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10 Stupid Reasons why it’s cool to Date an OSTIAN

Ostians aren’t they cool, sweet and loving? Don’t be fooled by their techy behaviors, In outer world they may call boring or geeky or anti-social or Bonded Labour but let me tell you the inside story. They are multidisciplinary, very creative, logical, and magnificent and can make life a little easier with their problem solving 

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JEDchecker For Checking New Joomla Extensions.

I want to share my experience for submitting  extensions to the JED. I use JEDchecker  for checking new extensions.This is a wonderful tool,it improves the JED listing process and It save a lot of time for me.

Your Google’s Search Results Will Always Be In Flux

Google’s Matt Cutts – Matt makes it clear, Google will never quit adjusting, changing the list items. The indexed lists will dependably be changing, the aftereffect of that change is “flux,” Matt said.

Learn – How to create custom wordpress plug-in

WordPress provide a well structured CMS to develop a basic blog site. If we demand some extra functionality in our website, the wordpress plug-ins plays an important role to provide

Open Source Development Service

Creative and Effective Open Source Development Solutions: At OpenSource Technologies we excel in exhibit your business on the web. Eye catching visual, smooth navigation and user experience of website is must to attract people to your website. These are things that distinguish the high quality websites and poor quality sites.


MyISAM is MySQL’s default table storage engine. It extends the base ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method) type with a number of additional optimizations and enhancements.

Execute PHP Code Inside HTML/JavaScript Files Using .htaccess

Most of developers always have a common problem, how we can add php code inside an external javascript files. The most Common way is define global javascript variables on .php file and access them in your javascript files. This has drawback that we have to define all variables global to access them to javascript files.

Flex height Boxes with CSS

Hey guys few days back, I have faced a problem in cases, the problem there was 3 variable height boxes in my design, but I want all of them to be in same height. The height should be the largest box’s height. We cannot use the height property of cars because we cannot know what 

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Learn the feature of HTML to make your content editable

The new property content editable=”true” makes the continent editable in html mode. There are a variety of uses for something like this, including an app as simple as a to-do list, which also takes advantage of local storage.

How To Render Joomla Module In Custom Components

Joomla comes with a method to load a module into an article: the LoadModule content plug-in. This plug-in can be used with Joomla core articles. But sometimes we have situation where we need to load any module into our code. Either in other modules or any component. We cannot load a module through module position 

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Facebook Apps Development: A Dance with Devil

Facebook’s booming app economy made a lot of developers to lose their sleep. Facebook relies on a legion of third-party developers to invent apps that help keep more than half a billion users returning day after day.

Easy Web-Scale Computing with Amazon Simple Storage Services

In such a technology relevant world, Cloud computing technology has become a vital requirement of today’s business structure. Cloud computing is an effective method of utilization of available IT resources and hosting services. It is a recommended option for cutting IT costs and securing an open environment.

OpenSource Technologies Launches 2 New WordPress Plug-ins

We at OpenSource Technologies strive to deliver high quality and professionally developed plug-ins. We have recently developed and released 2 outstanding WordPress plug-ins and are excited to announce the launch of these two plugins: 1. FB AutoComplete with post image 2. Latest Posts by Author with content.

Create a WordPress Theme from HTML5

WordPress has become one of the most widely used blogging platform in the world. It is being used in lots of websites online today. The look and presentation of all these sites depends on WordPress Themes.

Why Can’t Marketing be more about love?

Want to win the battle of online marketing? It’s easy. No, we are not kidding, seriously it’s easy. What all you need to do is just to be simple. But that’s really like cracking nuts. Actually we have been addicted to traditional SEO & paid marketing methods that rarely works in today’s scenario. Things are 

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Common Challenges in Software/Web Testing

Software & Web Application testing has emerged out to be the spine of the IT industry without which no organization can even think to survive in the market nowadays. If you a part of the testing team whether it is Manual or Automation, there must be several challenges that you have to face being a tester. Find 

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Predictions: Top Website Design Trends for 2013

As a developer, you need to continue exploring your knowledge to find latest trends in market. To know how rapidly changes are taking place, you can compare a new website with the one launched around 5 years ago. Trend changes to make the things more impressive and convenient. Hereinafter you may find some predictions made 

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Sharing Images from Website to Your Pinterest Boards

At OpenSource technologies, we are developing an exciting website in Joomla which includes sharing images on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. There are thousands of links which provide a code that lets you “pin” images found on any website to your own virtual boards and share those pictures.

Metro App Style WordPress Theme

OpenSource Technologies to Launch Windows8 Metro Apps inspired WordPress Theme: Since Microsoft has showcased the first version of Windows Phone with Metro UI, it has got extreme popularity. Number of application are wearing its new look today.

How to Work with WordPress Using Oracle Database?

Sometimes it might be a bit intimidating for WordPress developers to work using Oracle database. As most of the developers don’t know about the process and usually most of the blogs says ‘NO’ for Oracle DB. Here’s the solution of the problem to help you work with Word Press using Oracle DB.

Joomla Metro UI Template

OpenSource Technologies to Launch Windows8 Metro Apps style Joomla Template Since Microsoft has showcased the first version of Windows Phone with Metro UI, Number of application are following its trendy look and functionalities.

Mobile Apps Testing and its Fundamentals

As everyone know that mobile technology is increasing day by day. Number of mobile devices are flooded in marketing that are been used for accessing the web. As Mobile technology continues to accelerate, application testers will struggle to keep pace without a shift in thinking when it comes to mobile quality, performance and development. Creating 

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Spread Your Business Footprint with iPhone Application Development

Every day mobile industry is booming, Apple has become the leading provider of iPhone mobile devices. Apple’s advanced technology has done great job in making mobile devices easy to use. Efforts made by apple has been extremely successful are are widely appreciated. The iPhone is among the prime products from Apple Inc. Every day large 

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Joomla 3.1 Beta Released

On 7th of March 2013, Joomla Community has announced the Joomla! CMS version 3.1 Beta1. Open Source Joomla software is available to download for community members. For Quality assurance concerns it is scheduled to launch on or around 25th March 2013. Although, this is a beta release and is not available for use on production sites.

OpenSource Technologies to Organize Open Seminar on “Responsive Web Design”

Responsive web design is among the hottest trends taking place in web design industry. Analysts are saying that the year 2013 belongs to responsive design. The simple reason for this is hype of various devices having different screen size. Responsive design makes your website and its content compatible to devices of any screen size.

The Power of Adaptive Content: Beyond Responsive Design

Forget responsive web design. The key to success at multi-platform publishing is “adaptive content”. In the case of screen sizes, responsive design has been the solutions, but the new kid on the block as far as responding to user behavior is concerned “adaptive content”.

Cloud Services: Accelerate Your Success in the Cloud

In the context of cloud hosting there is no physical object present on which you can point and label as the cloud. It is basically more of an electronic structure where data is stored over many different computers and served up via a network connection generally through the Internet