BarFactory is a popular local guide of New England where people can find out best Bar, Nightclub, Local Band, DJ’s and Events nearby their location. Barfactory contains more than 10,000 cocktail recipe which people can easily read and enjoy.

Solution We Provided

App Design

BarFactory have their own specification of design. We read all the requirement carefully and create the design of each screen.

App Development

We developed BarFactory App for Android and iPhone platform.

App Features

  • 1

    Signup and Login feature

  • 2

    Auto detect location feature:- In Auto detect location feature user can select the radius that in how much radius he/She need to find the particular Bar, Nightclub, Local band etc.

  • 3

    Show listing based on user current location

  • 4

    N number of category and subcategory

  • 5

    Detail listing page

  • 6

    Add to favourite

  • 7

    Filter search results by distance, bar type, features, and more. Using the search, the user can Search over 10,000 Cocktails and bars.

  • 8

    Read and write Reviews

  • 9

    Advance Search


Powered Features


Speed Dial functionality for easy navigation.


Image and Text reviews on listing


Search based on current location


Facebook signup




The site had two types of directories: a) Bars, b) Cocktails. The app had a menu for each of this directory and we had to show the listing separately through API’s for each directly.



For filter, we have two options: static and dynamic. For static, we can be implemented as hard-coded, but dynamic filter was a challenge as the filter type i.e. radio, checkbox etc was dynamically generated based on the requirement.



Select box plugin for iOS device. The iOS device doesn’t support the standard drop-down/multiple options. So, we had to implement different-2 type of select boxes based on iOS device (iPhone 5, 5s, 6 etc)

Final OutCome

With a clear process and powerful strategy, development process finished in a timely manner and fully functional BarFactory mobile app delivered to the client.